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Real life has being a pain in the ass last days, I barely had time to read my messages. At least there were few distractions:

1) New panties! Smaller new panties!! They’re so cute and comfortable, I love them – old ones are a little too big to my new figure, so I bought new and smaller panties. Once I used XL, now they’re just L. Soon they’ll be M and then I’ll conquer the world just using them, LOL

2) My friend’s wedding last Saturday, it was a great ceremony. She was beautiful, her groom was nervous (it took her one hour to arrive at her own wedding!), the new mothers-in-law were ignoring each other, you know, the usual happened. It also took me and my parents almost two hours to find the place where wedding happened – somebody please remember me in the future to look for unknown places where parties are going to happen before parties’ day. Good new: mother noticed some guys, including one of bride’s brothers, seizing me, but I didn’t notice it, I was too busy chatting with another friend.

3) Ozzies sightings: Bobby Cannavale, Phil Casnoff and J. K. Simmons have been on Brazilian TV. Bobby’s at Will and Grace - he’s sooo gorgeous!! Phil, my dear Stanislovsky, is at Strong medicine (I don’t like this show, but the thought of having Casnoff without beard at TV makes me watch it every week). Simmons was seen at various movies, it’s almost like a Schillinger festival. And winthrop told me Adebisi was at one of Matt Damon’s Bourne movies – I think I’ll have to watch both of them now!