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Meloni’s dreams

I had two recently, but in fact they were almost flashes, not real long and detailed dreams. First one was weird, there’s this cute, married guy who works with me, in this dream he was trying to protect me from somebody or something, and then he came back from somewhere with blood in his hands... but it wasn’t him anymore but Chris Keller, wearing Unit B uniform and looking at me like that scene at S6 when he sees Beecher talking to Agent Taylor. I knew he’d just killed somebody to protect me, but I was a little afraid of staying near him, he was so fresh-off-the-kill, you know what I mean? Then the dream was gone. Shit.
The other one was weird too. Chris Meloni was naked behind an armchair, I could only see his chest, and he was telling me he was ready to a scene in which he would have anal sex with somebody over that chair. It’d be similar to that one Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn had at Basic instinct, do you remember it? Then it was over too. No Naked Meloni to me. Shit.