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Answers to that damn character meme

Yes, late again. Anyway answers are here:

1) Oz: Keller (guessed by marinwood, magickslash and aaniren) – from the very first time I rest my eyes on him I knew he was the guy. He’s a murderer, a liar, a manipulative guy, a master in mind games. But I always thought he has so much pain inside, he’s such a damaged person, it’s hard not to try to understand him more, to discover what made him the man he was. And there’s the body factor – Keller was always very comfortable with his own, while I always had issues with mine. It also makes him so fascinating to me, even if it was a character of a show. Oh yes, that smile made me drool too. And the tattoos. And the legs. And his hands. I think I’ll stop now, LOL

2) ER: Dr. Romano - nobody guessed this one, am I the only person who loved this character? I’d hate to work with somebody like him, but his sarcastic comments were fantastic. He made me smile even when he was being rude – maybe because I try so hard to be polite all the time, while he obviously didn’t give a damn to it. I really missed him after his death *sigh*.

3) Queer as Folk: Brian (US version) – nobody guessed this one too. In fact I hated Brian for a long time, the guy was too arrogant and selfish to my taste. Too promiscuous too, I didn’t like his behavior concerning to sex, it scared me (but a gay friend calmly made me understand there are tons of gay men out there acting like that every day and night and I shouldn’t judge them too). Anyway after many episodes I realized he could be a nice guy (sometimes), and he had some moments as a decent person (paying for Ben and Michael’s wedding party, for example). Now I love the guy!

4) Saint Seya (cartoon): Ikki (guessed by penalty) – as penalty said Ikki’s a bad boy and I have a thing for bad boys, LOL – too much anger and pain inside this poor boy’s heart, sometimes he seemed beyond any help. He could be very dangerous too, always ready to use his special powers to destroy his enemies without blinking or to protect his baby brother, Shun. I had to love him!

5) South Park (cartoon): Cartman (guessed by magickslash and aaniren) – sarcasm, irony and attitude all rolled into a little fat boy – not fat, but with big bones *g* Cartman can be very rude sometimes but he’s too dense many other occasions, specially when his mother’s involved. He’s great!

6) X-Men (cartoon): Logan (guessed by magickslash) – another bad guy... definitely there’s a pattern here, LOL – I always loved Logan’s independence, he keeps his individuality and his ideas even when he’s with other mutants. He obviously doesn’t need to be part of a group to survive, he’s pretty much a lone wolf with secrets and dark places inside his soul. I love him and want to be the mother of his children, that’s it.

7) Wiseguy: Vinnie Terranova (guessed by rustler and rileyc) – one of my oldest teen crushes! I was always afraid he’d be discovered and killed, it made me watch that damn show every fucking week (morbid curiosity, I know... *sigh*). It hurt me to imagine how sad his life was, nobody could know he was an undercover cop (when he told it to his mother it was a relief to me!). Ken Wahl eyes were hypnotizing too, they were other reason to watch the show... :o)

8) Pretender: Miss Parker (guessed by rustler) – the attitude! The hair! The clothes! Dudes, I wanted to be Miss Parker, she was so cool!! I miss this character a lot, after some time the show started to annoy me but she was a great female character, a little girl who managed to survive among shark-like men (including her father), every day discovering new facts about her past and the organization in which she worked. And she wasn’t afraid to smoke as a possessed at politically correct times, LOL

9) Cold Case: Det. Lilly Rush - nobody guessed this one too. I love her suits and hair, people. The way she solves cases without guns, only using her intelligence, makes me watch this show every week. And she sees dead people, which is pretty bizarre – now they’re making other characters see dead people too!

10) Reba: Barbra Jean - nobody guessed this one – God, I am Barbra Jean, just like her I can say the most inadequate thing in the worst moment possible without even noticing that. I can be as annoying as her, once more not noticing that. She’s my twin sister!


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Apr. 13th, 2005 07:21 am (UTC)
I've loved Cartman ever since he said, "I'm not fat, and you obviously like her because you throw up every time she talks to you!" Logan... rrrr. Can't remember not loving Logan. And if you read my fic you know how I feel about Keller!

Out of curiosity, do you think Hugh Jackman is a good choice for Wolverine, or should they have gone for someone a little less pretty?

*heads off to peek at smut post*
Apr. 13th, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC)
I liked Hugh as Wolverine, Jean. OK, he's a very attractive man, but I think he did a nice job not "showing" it too much at Logan's costume. He's much prettier at other movies, like Kate and Leopold. But it didn't change the fact he was really hot as Wolvie, LOL
Apr. 13th, 2005 11:13 pm (UTC)
I heard that originally Dougray Scott was picked to play Logan - the guy who played Drew Barrymore's prince in Ever After and the bad guy in Mission Impossible 2. But I'm glad they went with Hugh instead.
Apr. 13th, 2005 01:32 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, that smile made me drool too. And the tattoos. And the legs. And his hands. I think I'll stop now, LOL
Hey-- nobody stops before mentioning Meloni's...er - Keller's ass!! LoL
And I can't believe you too changed your mind about Brian! :D Since I guessed that one wrong, I thought maybe I should have gone for Justin. Don't ask why. Anyway - yeah - there's something about Brian :) (Greek profile?)
Apr. 13th, 2005 04:44 pm (UTC)
Hey-- nobody stops before mentioning Meloni's...er - Keller's ass!! LoL

I thought it was fairly obvious, LOL
I still hate Brian's attittudes sometimes, but now I can handle him better. Greek profile? I never thought about it before, but maybe that's the reason for liking him - just look at Meloni's Greek profile, *g*
And I do love Justin too, specially after watching lierdumoa vid I see you baby - Justin ass in all its glory to everybody!! ;o)
Apr. 14th, 2005 12:07 am (UTC)
Good to see that someone else loved Wiseguy. Romano has been described as the Schillinger of ER. You definitely don't want to have to interact with someone like that in real life but he definitely livened up the show. After his death I no longer had any reason to even skim over ER.
Apr. 14th, 2005 04:05 am (UTC)
I've read at somebody's lj that there are Wiseguy DVDs, and they're making people rediscover the show. I liked it a lot, it'd be good to watch it again.
Romano was obviously a horrible person, but a great character. ER lost part of his appeal after his death - by the way one of the best at TV shows, LOL
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