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In fact I was never so addicted to TV series, or any movie or book, before Oz. Ok, ok, I’m a liar, during a long time I was totally addicted to Anne Rice books, first the vampire stories and then Mayfairs stories. But it’s different now, maybe because I’ve found people to talk about my obsession. My friends... well, they’re really lovely, but generally they say Oz has much violence, and they don’t want to see it, the world is already too violent to just stay at home and also watch it on TV. Others don’t like the gay thing about it. No problem, that’s their opinion, not mine. I think it’s one of best shows I’ve already seen, with some really good and almost unknown actors, and I’ll continue watching it, no matter what people say.
That’s funny, when I first saw it I didn’t pay much attention. I was zapping and suddenly Toby was moving to Schillinger pod in my TV, and later he was getting that swastika. It was a surprise, I understood nothing, and when commercials came I continued zapping. I didn’t see it again, as I said I didn’t give attention to details (week day, channel, hour, these things). Some time later I was zapping again and saw Toby using makeup. Another surprise to me, and this time I gave it a little more attention, but not enough. So many moons later I saw Keller and Schillinger breaking his legs and arms. Then it was a shock! And so Toby killed Metzger... what was that? Then I started watching it more frequently, although not really frequently. And then many, many moons later, Toby kissed Chris on Death Row, during Impotence (S5, as I knew later). Jesusfuckingchrist, what hell was that??!! It was so passionate, strong, lusty... I was never kissed that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I’ve to confess; although I’m not such a experienced woman, I’ve met some great kissers in my past... LOL) So then I became an Oz fan, well, let’s say it, a B/K fan, and had decided to see the show. Unfortunately that’s hard to be an Oz fan in Brazil, it was on HBO just once, and the other TV channel in which we can see it is always changing its day without warning and reruning seasons 3, 4 and 5 (if they’re going to rerun it why not starting from S1???).
Well, it’s hard, but not impossible. In fact everybody here had already knew what happened from S1 to S6, it’s just a matter of time to watch episodes which I haven’t seen yet.


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Nov. 16th, 2003 11:44 pm (UTC)
Hi there! : ) Welcome to LJ!

I have to say that the story of how you got "interested" in Oz sounds very, very familiar. *g* It seems like there's often one specific moment that makes a person cross the line between interest and obsession... and that kiss in "Impotence" should really be enough to lure almost anyone into loving the show, don't you think? ;-)

Just so you know, I've now added you to my friends list. Do you know about how the "friends page" works? You add people to your friends list, and then you can read all of your friends' LJ entries on one page. Let me know if you need any help! : )
Nov. 17th, 2003 05:02 am (UTC)
So I'm not alone or crazy!!! :o)
Nice to hear from you, friend. And yeah, that kiss (and laudry kiss, and wounding kiss, and NYE kiss...) surely could make people love Oz, and it shows how Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen are good actors. I mean, maybe it couldn't have worked with other actors, but they had such a chemistry together that's impossible not to be deeply involved in B/K story, once you saw any of those kisses, or any of their fight scenes. They're good, and they're hot!!
Ah, thanks for adding me! I'm still "discovering" LJ, it doesn't see so hard to understand, but if I had any problem I'll ask your help!
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