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I'm not a big poetry fan...

But I adored this one, written by dargiewrites

When I was young
I wanted everything new,
New clothes, new furniture, new ideas,
New, like me.
My generation trusted no one
And nothing over thirty.

Now, half a century on,
I'm glad I don't live in a new house
With fragile walls
And shoebox windows,
Or a new body, with its awkwardness
And confused desires.

I trust Homer and da Vinci
And women of a certain age.
I wear vintage clothes
And read history in used books
And the ephemera of generations.

When we're young, we believe
We will write history.
With age comes the sad realization
That we have.

Yeah, I feel kinda like that. Thank God I won't be 18 again, at least in this life!!