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Smut Day again, kids! This week I decided to rec Harry/Lucius stories – you know I’m deeply in love with this pairing, don’t you? *g* (but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten Beecher and Keller, my eternal love!) Anyway I’m really liking to read fics about them, there are very impressive authors in this universe and here goes just a glimpse of what you should be reading right now
(links after reccs)


The very fist HP fic I read, it involves non-con and male pregnancy – I had never read mpreg stories before but this one really impressed me (by the way its author is a very good writer, her stories are amazing). The entire plot is great, Voldemort had won the war and his prisioners (Harry, Hermione and Sirius) will have to give birth to a new generation of Death Eaters. Lucius, Draco and Severus will be the happy fathers – if you like Sirius Black you’ll be happy too, because it’s told from his POV. Why do I like it? Because Lucius is the evil but he manages to seduce Harry and treat him kindly. And Severus and Sirius sex is hot! *g*

(Author: amanuensis1 - Fic: As Sharp As Sunlight - fic here)


Sirius is a nice godfather and Lucius is the evil, right? Wrong answer, dudes, in this story Sirius rapes Harry who becomes a whore and later is rescued and comforted by Lucius. It seems too simple but it isn’t, at least not in Lucius’ opinion – while part of him knows he has to deliver Potter to Voldemort, other part wants to fuck Harry senseless. There’s a lovely sentence in which he says it: "I have many things I want to make you do. Cry. Moan. Feel. Pant. Beg. Bleed. Come.(...)" (isn’t it perfect?? *g*) Well, Malfoy will have to decide what he wants to do. And when he does that... you gotta read, people!

(Author: amanuensis1 - Fic: A World Not So Black Nor White - fic here)


Harry and Draco marry and Lucius requests his right, as the lord of the manor, to have the wedding night with the bride of his son. Not a nice story, Harry’s humiliated by this situation and shocked to see how Lucius wants him to have pleasure too, but it’s smoking hot. It has a sequel, Fait Accompli, which can be found at author’s site, but it’s all about Harry and Draco – and the consequences of that night.

(Author: amanuensis1 - Fic: Droit du Seigneur - fic here)


This story is hilarious: Lucius and Severus have to share Harry (Voldemort’s sick idea), and slowly Potter discovers how to control situation by using jealousy. There’s a lot of kinks here, as this clamps thing (it must hurt like hell but it’s very educative to read about... *g*) but it’s a wonderful fic – Voldemort’s reaction in the end is priceless ("I am going to find an entire bulding of muggles and kill them all. One by one. Personally. Because I need to kill something.")!

(Author: amanuensis1 - Fic: A spell to turn tigers to butter - fic here)


It’s a simple idea, already used in many stories: prisioners sharing a cell discover comfort and love together. That’s what happens to Harry and Lucius, but it’s so wonderfully written, and has two wonderful sequels (The Exaltation of the Lark and Birdseye, also at author’s site)... your jaws will hit the keyboard, I’m sure of that. A password is necessary to visit author’s site, but it’s not hard to get one. Do that and you’ll read many great stories!

(Author: nimori - Fic: Je Te Plumerais - fic here)


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Jun. 9th, 2005 04:33 am (UTC)
Hmmm...I don't tend to read HP, but who knows, a couple of these look really interesting...go right ahead and tempt me, tempt me...
Jun. 9th, 2005 05:12 pm (UTC)
I tried hard not to fall for another pairing, at least not now, it's true, believe me... but now I've been reading all Harry/Lucius stories I can find. I'm sleep deprieved, I've been printing them at office's printers to read on my way back home, I'm going to buy the books to know about the characters from author's POV (not only fic writers POV)... yes, they got me *g*
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