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I'm alive but not kicking too much. There's been too much work to be done at museum, and I'm trying hard to spend more time with family and friends from real life. My best friend's baby is born and I still don't know him, I'll try to visit mother and baby next Saturday. It's really weird, because she never looked like someone who really wants to be a mother and now she has this precious little thing to love - the way she talks about him at phone is probably the most hilarious thing I've heard recently, I'm anxious to see how she's taking care of him and of her husband, the ecstatic father of the year.
Not so hilarious news: I had a hard time writing my story to Lyric Wheel, in fact I'm still not happy with it. It's almost done, but the end isn't satisfatory, the sentences don't sound good to me. Of course part of the problem is that I'd spent some time here, here and here - reading fics from another fandom shouldn't be allowed while writing to LW, but it was good to see there are too many amazing authors everywhere, I wish I could write like them, it seems so easy, *sigh*

At least I think I'm not alone, it seems pride_of_erin also have problems with her story - sister, I thought seriously in doing that Zan and Jayna thing, we would just have to shout "Form of a Oz fic!" and it would appear in front of us, ready to be posted!!!

(it was a joke during college times, when we had too many papers to write and too little time, there would always someone to yell, "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate - shape of an Art History paper!" or something similar. It would ease the tension for few moments before reality reality of situation came back)