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Dudes, I'm tired. Very tired. It's been a looong week at work so far, this Thursday there'll be a huge party where I work, celebrating its 176th anniversary. In fact I'm not directly involved in it but everybody had more things to do because of it. And I still need to have a haircut tomorrow morning before going to work - yeah, because I can't go to a party looking like I am now. Ok, hair is not as awful as I'm saying, but show me a woman totally happy with her hair and I'll show you a shameless liar. You got the idea, didn't you? *g*

At least I had enough time to finish and post my Lyric Wheel fic, even without the deadline extension. Thanks to desert_rifka, my amazing beta, obviously, because she was my strenght when I was weak (sorry if you don't like Celine Dion but I'd always loved this song). It was hard to write this story, the song I was given pointed me to a different plot bunny which didn't work and made me frustrated, but with Rifka's precious help I could finally write an unexpected fic (well, it was unexpected to me!).

And I had enough time to read amanuensis1 great post about fanfiction. I agree to her ideas, it started discussing this rant against fanfiction and continued wonderfully through lots of comments. See, I can understand professional authors being mad about all of us fans messing with their characters, but I don't think it'll ever stop someday. Sorry, guys, it's too much fun to play with your toys! Besides why can't we develop a little more the appealing universes you created? I think we have the right to do that, and we can also share our views about your stories with other fans. Nobody is trying to be rich or hurt author's feeling, we're only in it for the fun, damn it!

I didn't forget Smut Day, but only now I had time to think more about it. Last week dustandroses told us about a wonderful site full of hot images. I loved this one

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now I must go to bed, I'm almost sleeping over keyboard!!