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Last weeks were full of emotions (sarcasm again): my family as I always knew it’s over, thanks to an inheritance issue; I was thisclose to be fired; I’ve been extremely pleased in doing somebody else work very frequently at office; a very cute little dog (my friend’s puppy) insisted in show me how much I was loved by licking my toes and sniffing me in the most inappropriate parts during a visit to her new apartment (dudes, seriously, it was *very* embarassing!)... as you see I wasn’t in the best mood to update. Real life sometimes is too much real, do you know what I mean? And demanding too, I must add. Anyway before jumping into the unpleasant issues go check this essay about the gayness in The Fast and Furious - I always knew it was a gay movie but reading how the author describes Dom Toretto/Vin Diesel clothes as a clear sign of the gayness is totally hilarious - best parts are when she writes how major movies can't show guys doing it. Yeah, it’s all about clothes but you’ll laugh a lot and never watch that movie again without thinking of hidden – and not so hidden – meanings of Dom Toretto’s shirts, lol. And take a look at Hornblower delicious vid named Too lost in you - people, how come you never told me about the gayness in this damn fandom? It took me this rec to discover an entire new world of sexy, hot man in Navy uniforms!!! I've been hearing about this fandom for a long time but it never really interested me. Too lost in you changed everything, though, now I’ve lots of Hornblower fics to read, the movies to watch, the canon books to read too... too much slash, so little time, *sigh* The vid: hot guys in English Navy uniforms at 19th century. Eyefucking. Longing. Naked arse during a shower at deck, lots of people watching. Naked guy taking a shower, another guy watching it hidden in the dark. The moment when the singer sings "No one can rescue me" will make you moan, I’m sure, it’s preciousssssss! Ioan Gruffudd is my newest hottie, that’s obvious. By the way check other vids at that site, I highly recommend Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
And since you’re checking these suggestions go visit caladan_dd too, it has very, very beautiful images from HP books, her talent is an amazing thing. By the way thanks to my dear aaniren, I also have HP last book, but I hadn’t started reading it yet. In fact I never read any of other books, although I’ll have to read this one very soon, I need to know if Lucius Malfoy is back, lol. I’ve been amazed by HP fans, I’m not talking about HBP spoilers all over LJ world, since it looks like 99,9% LJ users had bought and read the book during last days. It really amazes me to see so many people willing to read and share their opinions about it, the author should be very proud – I mean, reading is something many children and teenagers don’t like to do down here. And I saw many Brazilian Potter fans at bookstores willing to buy the *English* version of the book because they can’t wait until December, when its translated version will be sold here. They want to read it now even if they have to use a dictionary frequently. It’s a huge book, and they don’t care about it, they just want *it*. Yeah, J. K. Rowling has to be proud and happy, because she’s considerably richer now than she was less than a month ago! ;o)


Aug. 2nd, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)
I'll visit them too, thanks!