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Family’s issues new round: the infamous reunion of our attorney and the rest of relatives with the guy who wants to buy the house hadn’t happened until now. And my godmother (one of my old aunts) let an unknown woman (who said was my cousin, her daughter, hair dresser) enter at her apartment and that woman stole about 100 dollars from her purse. As aaniren had trouble in understanding this story I’ll try to make it clearer now: aunt L. is a person who loves to talk, she can talk to everybody in the world about everything. An unknown woman went to her apartment saying she was my cousin C. (aunt’s daughter) hair dresser. Aunt L. didn’t know her but believed her story and let her in. After 30 minutes of chatting the woman asked her where bathroom was. Aunt L. pointed her to there and went back to her living room, from where she couldn’t see bathroom and bedrooms. After few minutes the woman came back saying she couldn’t wait for my cousin C. (and I can so picture Aunt L. insisting for the woman to stay a little more, maybe eat something while waiting for my cousin!). Well, the woman left and maybe after 20 minutes cousin C. arrived. When Aunt L. told her about “her” hair dresser’s visit she became suspicious and asked for a description – then she concluded the woman wasn’t her hair dresser. So Aunt L. became a little shocked and commented about the woman going to their bathroom. Something clicked inside my cousin’s brain and she went to the bedrooms to see if something was missing. Well, about 100 dollars had disappeared from my aunt’s purse, it was inside her wardrobe but opened and at another place, it was clearly moved from a shelf to another. It was a shock to them, and one of evil cousins, let’s call her cousin R., said it must have been my uncle (mother’s brother) idea, because he was a chief of police, knew many criminals and would run a scam like that on his own old aunt, right? Very, very disgusting idea. And the worst of all is that my cousin C. (aunt’s daughter) ex-husband is kind of friendly with not so decent people (read "he’s an ex-addict with connections" here), he had already discovered said evil cousin R. was the one behind this sordid story. Had I already said how disgusting this thing is? I think so. Problem is, Aunt L. and her sisters will never believe evil cousin R. had arranged it – by the way I have to say they hadn’t believed it was my uncle’s fault either, my cousin said her mother was very serious about not believing evil cousin’s suggestion. Cousin C. is furious, thinking in hiring somebody (maybe her ex-husband friends) to beat evil cousin R. or destroying her car. You gotta love this family.
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