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This Saturday was Grandma’s birthday, her 89th – I hadn’t bought too many things to her, I couldn’t afford doing that or I’d have to whore myself at Niterói streets very soon, but she liked her presents: a book with short stories from Brazilian authors (it’s part of a collection to students and people in general, intended to develop reading habits – my grandma was a teacher during many years and she loves to read, in fact she likes a lot Rachel de Queiroz, one of stories’ authors, but I thought she some of them were new to her), ear rings, a necklace and a blouse I’ll have to change because it was a little tight. We had a great lunch at a seafood restaurant, although I had to go to the bathroom in order to vomit a little - I know, I know, I shouldn’t have eaten too much too fast, but what could I do? The damned fish was delicious!! Anyway I recovered fast and we had a very pleasant afternoon, as soon as photos are developed I’ll post them here. Friends and relatives phoned her, I think she’d liked her day. I’d made an habit of going to her bedroom every night in order to talk a little before she sleeps. Of course we talk a lot during the day but it’s “our” moment, do you get it? I talk to her something funny about my day at museum, she tells me what she did during the day, we discuss soap opera characters or recent news, I tease her asking if she had brushed her teeth before going to bed, etc. It never takes too long but it’s something we like to do. Whatever, this night she talked about how she never expected to live for too many years, she’s the only member of her family who had survived for so long... she never expected to be alive at 21st century, in fact she was frequently afraid of dying without raising her children because she was frequently sick when they were kids. Now my mother and uncle are both over 60 and she’s still here, having a healthy and relatively calm life. I think it must be a little sad to survive your husband (Grandpa died at 1983, a lifetime ago), close relatives and friends but *she’s still here* - there’s something powerful here, she lived a lot, has witnessed many things and can tell us about them. We only have to listen and learn from her experience. Maybe we won’t make her mistakes if we were lucky enough. Well, we can even live for as long as her if we have luck!