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Oct. 21st, 2005

Job has been boring and annoying too, nothing really exciting happened last weeks. Now I was told by my librarian friend that we’re supposed to develop a project with everything we think that museum and library need, because our president is going to find a wealthy sponsor to our institution. In fact it’s "almost done" – finding the wealthy sponsor, I mean. Riiiight... see, I’m all for submitting projects to sponsors but I’ve been doing that for 7 years (I’ve been working there since 1998) and so far nobody approved any of them. Different approaches were tried during all this time but fact is my institution is barely known even by doctors, what kind of benefit can anybody get from associating to it? I told my friend I’ll just change some parts from last project (I did that one last year) and send it to the guys. Worst of all is that they expect it to be ready next Thursday and I wasn’t supposed to be there until next Friday. Now I’ll have to go work on Tuesday and Thursday, but of course they’ll have to give me two free days on the following week!