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Oct. 21st, 2005

About the referendum: the concept is really interesting, because it’s an important thing, I do believe guns shouldn’t be sold. But fact is it doesn’t matter the decision, there’ll still be too many illegal guns everywhere – who’s gonna make criminals obey a law? Besides if the commerce is really banned they’ll know people won’t have any gun at home and probably will be more violent. More than 100 million Brazilians are expected to vote, Brazilians as young as 16 can vote, and voting is compulsory for citizens from 18 to 70. There are two "parties", the "yes to banning" party and the "no to banning" one, and there are many people who still don’t know in which one they’ll vote. I mean, both sides have very good arguments. But there are too many people believing it’s just a way to make us forget about government real problems such as corruption, we’re having a lot of scandals recently involving unspeakable amounts of money and politicians above any suspect (until recently, obviously). This afternoon reunion was really good because even electoral judge is against this referendum, he said government is just leaving to people the responsibility for a very important law and there wasn’t enough discussion about it. Elections generally take 10 months to be prepared by Electoral Justice, candidates start their campaigns one year before elections... this damn referendum was prepared in less than 3 months, it can’t be considered serious! I think I’ll vote against the banning as I don’t believe a law will reduce violence, but my opinion still can change until Sunday.