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Oct. 21st, 2005

winthrop traveled to Germany, she’s working as a baby sitter, or au-pair girl, and will be there for the next 9 months at least. She’s so young, only 18 and now she’s so far away, taking care of three kids, how is she supposed to take care of kids? I’d just phoned her mother, she told me her daughter is ok and happy and loving the city she’s living in, it’s near Black Forest and there are castles nearby too – for someone who had never seen castles it must be fantastic and I’m sure she’ll remember this trip forever. Even so I miss my prag, as she used to call herself, lol - I looked for Saint Dismas medal to buy to her, because in the end it’s all about Oz, she would love to have something like that to remind her of Keller, but I didn’t find it and I looked for it in several Catholic shops. I’ll have to look for it a little more, because now I want one for myself!