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Voting process - last info, I promise! *g*

What I'll be doing tomorrow morning:

a) Start the voting machine and print the "zero" listing, it proves that has no vote inside the machine before the election is started.
b) People start voting, showing their election IDs - but they can vote with any other document with photo and since that's the right place where they'll vote (I'll have to find their ID in election book listings. If the ID and the listing are ok they can vote).
d) People sign at election book and go to voting machine.
e) The president of the section vote (me, myself and I) digit ID number into a terminal to authorize the vote. If the number is not there, the vote is not authorized.
f) People vote and we return them their IDs and election ticket which proves they had voted.
g) After 5 p.m. we print the voting listing with the number of votes for each party, parties overseers check and sign all printed copies and keep one or two to them. The voting machine and all materials and documents are returned to electoral ruling department, which will send a bus to collect us at schools and drive us to wherever they are (generally in a very big school, controlling all the process).
h) All the floppies from voting machines are loaded in a locar server, from where they're uploaded to the central server where the sum of all votes from all floppies are done in another automated way. It'll take few hours and then we'll know referendum result.