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My first spring downpour at 2005

penalty, where were you last night? Were you safe and sound at home or soaking wet at streets like me? Dudes, it was the perfect ending for a bizarre day. It was a pretty busy day at work but I’d have a pizza with my good friend V. after that so I was feeling ok, despite the hot weather and some strange heavy clouds in the horizon. We went to our worst favorite place, a restaurant named Rick at Rio downtown, it’s near our offices and food/drink is cheap there. It wasn’t a pleasant place in the past when we started going there, waiters kept forgetting our pizzas and seeming very annoyed by customers but it had changed a lot since then. A pity, because we loved this awful appeal – call us masochists, *g*
Whatever, when I arrived there I noticed Halloween decoration – black, orange and purple balloons everywhere, plastic pumpkins with candles inside over all tables, waitresses dressed in black and using pointed hats and OMG a singer dressed as a witch. My friend was already there and for a brief moment we thought of going to somewhere else, it was clear the show was going to start very soon and we just wanted to talk without somebody singing aloud. But we were too lazy to move our butts to another place and decided to stay there. Wrong move, there was another singer, a guy who sang as loud as his female partner. And a waiter using a bat mask and a tie with skeletons. And few candles burnt plastic pumpkins. And of course a small cockroach appeared in the chair next to mine, I killed it with my sandal mumbling something about how trashy that place still was – my friend was highly amused by that scene, just like nearby people who seemed to think the entire scenario of me with a sandal hitting that damn insect hilarious. And obviously I didn’t have a good idea when decided for a 4-cheese pizza (mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and provolone) and guava juice (aaniren, do you see the guava thing again? lol) because I had to look for nearest bathroom in order to vomit – note to self: mixing fat and sugar still doesn’t work for your stomach, Adriana!!
But finally the singers made us pay our bills and leave. By then it was already raining and there were enough lightning and thunder to make us decide to go home. So I took my bus, slept a lot inside it as always and when I arrived at Niterói central bus stop in order to take another one (it takes me generally two buses to go work and come back home)... downpour really started. I took my bus and it was a long trip until home: too many streets covered by water, cars stopped everywhere waiting to cross streets, bus drivers having to decide if it was safe enough to drive or if all that water would damage their buses, people trying to find a place to hide from rain, blackout, there was even hail during few moments (and people scared of it, screaming somebody must be throwing stones at bus roof. I love public transportation, :o\). I phoned home to ask my parents how things were at our street and my father answered I’d need a boat to cross it. Great. When I finally arrived near my building I knew he wasn’t lying, it was impossible to cross my street, water was covering my ankles (and my beautiful black sandals, shit), and as sidewalks aren’t perfect (there are few hollows here and there) I had to wait until all that water go down through street culverts until it was safe enough to walk without risking to fall. Anyway I arrived at my building soaked wet as a naked young chicken, as we say here, to find my mother really worried because I was out there in the middle of that damn rain. It finally stopped, but we had blackouts coming and going, they happened even during Rome which pissed me off royally even knowing I could watch it again tonight. Damn rain. According to meteorologists our spring will be like that, which is a very comforting thought, shit.

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Oct. 30th, 2005 02:16 am (UTC)
Wow. That's quite a flood! Not only do you need boots and an umbrella -- you need flippers, too! :P

That restaurant scene cracked me up, Adriana! I could totally picture you smashing that poor (?!) creature..LOL Oh, how I wish I could have seen you in action! *rotfl* Um, but seriously - they serve food with cockroaches walking around freely? You like to live your life dangerously, that's for sure ;o)
Oct. 30th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC)
That damn insect... it was nothing, once I saw a *rat* there, I swear - to my credit I wasn't the only person to see it, a woman at another table also saw, but it was so fast we doubted our eyes. Dude, that place is scary, but we do love it. You know, it's fun until somebody dies, lol
Oct. 31st, 2005 12:55 am (UTC)
You know, it's fun until somebody dies, lol

Haha, that explains why YOU like to watch prison shows ;o)
Oct. 31st, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
I hadn't thought about it before... probably you're right, lol