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The best thing I did during these weeks was reading tons of fics. And DVD commentaries. And fics posted on WIP Amnesty Day. And reading again some favourite fics. And for the first time I edited a fic, written by Aaniren! She decided to believe that I could do that – well, if the writer believed that, I’d have to give it a try. I always thought a good beta should be someone who writes too. I don’t write fics, so how could I do that? But I suppose it worked, it wasn’t so difficult as I thought and she accepted my suggestions. Probably we’ll work together again on her next fic.
By the way who had this WIP Amnesty Day idea? It was so good! Even if the writers had gave up those stories they deserved to be posted – and I won’t say names but there were some absolutely amazing fics, it’s a pity they’ll remain “in progress” until the end of time