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Smut rec for Smut Day!

I’m sure everybody has a ton of excellent fics to read right now – recent X-Mas exchanges and challenges had delivered lots of amazing stories from different fandoms, and I’m also sure many of us are barely sleeping in order to read everything. Anyone dares to say I’m lying? *g*

I’ve been doing that too – thank God I’ve very few fandoms so I’m managing to sleep a little, but there’s this fic which I’ve been reading again and again everyday, at least parts of it, and I don’t know when it’ll let me go. That's it, that damn fic put a spell on me and I can’t leave it alone, I have to read it several times to absorb it completely and wonder when I’ll be able to write something just as brilliant as this one!

Ok, it’s Sanguine, a Serpent Knotted Sable, written for merry_smutmas by amanuensis1, a.k.a. The Fic All Potter Fans Loved And Now Want To Marry Its Author And Have Her Children. Amanuensis’ writing style is amazing, her stories are incredibly well written and if you’re a Potter fan I’m sure you’d already read this one but I’m talking to people who hadn’t.

Warning: it should be rated NC-17+, you’ll find underage sex (of course it is, it’s Harry/Lucius), non-con, questionable seduction, mental torture, emotional abuse, bdsm (with needleplay and air games [well, sort of]), character death... If these things aren’t your cup of tea don’t go there.
But you’ll never know how brilliant this story is, guys. It’s all about Lucius Malfoy, portraited as a 3D character with emotions and motivations. Here he’s an very complex character, with more layers than an onion (I know it’s a cheap comparison but I don’t have a better one to offer, sorry for that). His actions can be shocking but there are reasons for them – ends justify means, that's Slytherin gospel, right? If he manages to have pleasure while doing them, well, it’s just the cherry on top of the cake. The way his POV is presented, showing us what he should do (and what he *do*) to survive and guarantee the safety of his family is amazing. All dialogues are perfect, there aren't excessive words or sentences. Everything here is absolutely precise, and as someone commented at merry_smutmas it's a great English lesson for people who don't speak this language, as me.

Harry... well, poor Harry suffers a lot but even Lucius realizes that this is the same boy who lost defiance to fear, who wept and clung to me when I hurt him, who fell into despair...but did not break. Who was given a wand in his hand and a plan mere minutes ago, and rose to it. Now I know why they call him hero. Severus has a great characterization too, just like Fenrir - he's scary and one of the key characters in this fic, IMO.

And do you want to know what amazed me most? The plot is so good, so perfect, it wouldn’t have been necessary to include sex scenes in this mix. Don’t get me wrong, they made me breathless and hot but it would have been also perfect if Amanuensis had decided to just show the consequences of Lucius’ acts spread all over Harry’s body, not letting us know *how* he had done that. You know the idea – leave it to imagination and see how people will react.

I also have to say although the end had almost killed me this was the first fic that didn’t make me beg for a sequel. See, when I love a story I don’t want it to end and start begging its authors for a sequel, offering my first born child or my body as payment, etc. Well, this story end couldn’t be different and I don’t think it needs a sequel, it’s just *right* as it is (although I’m sure there are Amanuensis fans out there that won’t agree to me – and I wouldn’t refuse to read an epilogue, if she decides to write it, lol).

Nothing I could say would do justice – so go there, read it and drop dead. But don’t forget that amanuensis1 promised a DVD comments-style about it soon at her LJ, so be sure to don’t be dead for too long, *g*


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Jan. 11th, 2006 06:02 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes, let me second this rec! This is one of the *best* stories *ever*, sex notwithstanding, as Adriana said. The Lucius in this story is 3-D, in a way JKR never has and never will make him. Trust me. You'll love him, you'll hate him - - this is as perfect a story as I've ever read.
Jan. 15th, 2006 05:14 am (UTC)
This is one of the fics I'll be reading again and again during months, maybe years, lol
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