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Hey you!

I'm still here, but as people probably know it's close to vacation that there's much more work to be done at office. Last days have been very stressful but at least I'd enough time at Monday to go shopping - a very cool pair of jeans, *4* pair of shoes and new rings. What can I say? It was my birthday, damnit, lol
BTW thanks for all of your wishes, I loved to read all your posts sending me good vibes!
Next Saturday I'll travel to Brasília, I've a job test on Sunday and an appointment with my surgeon on Monday (btw it's when vacation really starts). Then I'll travel to city of Goiás, maybe I'll choose it to work during next 3 years, I'm not sure yet. Anyway I'll be gone for a few more days, and after that I expect to be really back, *g*