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BBM report

I’m officially on vacation which means that I’m sleeping even less than before – too many things to read, to watch on TV (or DVDs or tapes), sites to visit... 30 days won’t be enough, obviously. At least I’d already seen Brokeback Mountain and it’s really a special movie, oh yeah. I mean, I didn’t cry as expected, maybe because I’ve been reading everybody’s comments about it, they probably prepared me to the experience but Heath Ledger surprised me. Where’s the silly boy from "A knight’s tale"? He’s not a star anymore, the guy is a true actor, a very good one – his performance amazed me, I think his Ennis had serious emotional issues, he didn’t know what to do with his deepest feelings, no matter their type: every time they came to surface it was like observing a volcano erupting, it happened when he was furious and beating two guys, when he threatened his ex-wife (btw Michelle Williams was fabulous as Ennis’ wife), when he and Jack had their first time – and their second time was even better, it seemed to me he couldn’t decide if he wanted to cuddle or to kiss or to run away... there were so many emotions hidden inside him and he just couldn’t show them or his world would never be the same, I think. And I’m not even mentioning the famous shirt scene, in the end of the movie. Yeah, Heath L. amazed me, I couldn’t imagine this guy could be such a good actor, I only hope he keeps amazing me in the future.