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My lovely LJ friends, how are you? I’ve been terribly busy enjoying my vacation: DVDs and tapes to be watched (Oz>! Queer as Folk!! SVU!!!) , tons of fics to be read, little trips to be done, lol – yeah, it was a nice month, indeed. In fact it was the first truly vacation I had since 2003 – 2004 and 2005 were surgeries years, as you probably remember, first one to remove myomas from my womb and another to reduce my stomach. It was pretty good to change this year, *g*
I wrote “was” because now it’s over, today I started working again and it was a bit sad to realize I’d have to spend hours being a mature productive adult, instead of the 15 y.o. horny girl I’m sure I still am, sigh. Whatever, it was a good day, I can’t complain – specially because I won’t be here for too long, it seems my "Hogwarts" letter will arrive next week. Explaining: I’ll be working in a federal museum very soon, finally!! Last Tuesday a friend of mine (who was also approved on that test) told me she’d read on IPHAN site (IPHAN is National Historic and Artistic Patrimony Institute, a federal institution which organizates federal museums down here, I’m going to work there) that we’ll have to go to its general office at Rio with all documents in ten days. “Documents” include a series of health exams such as blood and piss tests, electroencephalogram, audiometry, spinal column x-rays, vision tests... I suppose they don't want to risk having employees using health benefits too soon - yeah, health insurance is part of this job and I'm quite happy with that, it's unbelievable that I've been working in a medical organization [ok, in its medicine musem] for almost 8 years without health insurance, just the one I've been paying for!)... I was expecting also for HIV tests but they weren’t asked, though. Of couse I’m much more anxious now than before, the new job is becoming true and probably I won’t be sleeping too many hours until my greedy hands hold my new professional ID.
The only thing that worries me now is the selection of city I’ll work. First it was going to happen at same general office, now I was told it’ll be done through internet, we’ll have to visit IPHAN site and choose 4 or 5 cities we’d like to work and live. Then they’ll compare all new employees choices and will decide according to each one’s classification on tests. We’ll only know for sure where we’ll be living and working for the next 3 years at March 29th. I’m not sure if this method is 100% safe, I’d preferred if I could choose my favorite city at same day of delivering documents and many of other guys agree to me. Anyway I don’t think there’s something that can be done to change this method so I’ll just have to pray for nobody else choosing same city as me.
Concerning to the job I have now... ok, let’s face it, it’s very annoying to have to work there now that I know it won’t be for too long, I’d thought it wouldn’t be necessary, I’d have to go there just to give them my notice. I’m going to beg them to fire me, legally speaking it’ll be better for me, if they agree to that they’ll pay me more than if I just quit the position. I’ll have more money, it’ll be necessary with the moving thing. I’ve been a good employee for the last 8 years, it’d be a very good thing if they decide to help me by firing me. I’ve friends among directors, I’ll make some phone calls before talking to institution president, he’ll be the one to decide about this issue. I’m 50% sure I can count on one or two directors talking to him about my request and telling him it wouldn’t be a bad idea to help the poor (literally!) soon-to-be-ex-employee, lol


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Mar. 3rd, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
I hope you can convince them to do the firing. It would be mucu more convenient.
So much stress now until the 29th!
Mar. 3rd, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)
17 days, can you believe that??? ;o)
Mar. 3rd, 2006 09:23 am (UTC)
Ah, so the fun times are over.. *sigh*
Hope everything at the Museum works out the way you want it! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

Mar. 3rd, 2006 06:09 pm (UTC)
If time could fly, *sigh* - but I'll wait patiently, or so my nails think, lol
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