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Supernatural is making me very happy these days. Not exactly the show, because I'm always missing episodes but the fics... dudes, there are some really good authors in this fandom!! I know incest isn't everybody cup of tea but what can I say? I'm having too much fun reading these stories and will be doing that for a long, long time, lol
But of course there's more than Wincest being written. There's Always a Maybe Sometimes by mrscutedean it's almost painful, a perfect example of angsty fic. Sam feels guilty for his mother's death during his entire life - what could have happened if he'd died instead of her?
In Jerusalem next year and St. Peter's bones by peripheralsight don't need to be read together but one kinda of completes the other - ok, there's sex but there's angst too.
Tempt not a desperate man by elmo_loves_me is, well, hot, flowers-from-hell-making-me/us-do-it kind of story, it's a wip and damn me if I'm not begging for its author to write more!!

(if you're interested visit sn_slash and supernaturalfic - thanks to swear_jar I discovered these lovely places, *g*)