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Hey dudes, how are you? Sometimes I surprise myself by having a life, which is kind of bizarre – I’d whined for such a long time about not having a life that now that I’m having *too much* of it I’m missing the old days, last weeks I’ve had appointments with my ex-museum accountant, I’ve gone to syndicate, I had medical appointments in order to attend to all health exams to next job, I’ve lost hours of my life at banks waiting to receive my money, I’ve met with old friends at home or somewhere else in order to get together for a last time before moving, many people have been phoning demanding to know a-l-l about next job and moving... and in fact the moving scenario is starting to scare me, each time I think about furniture and books and washing machine and computers and clothes and OMFG I’ll kill the bastards if they lose my slash treasure (including Oz DVDs), well, the entire scenario gives me a headache. Anyway tomorrow me and parents are traveling to Brasília, we’ve been looking online for a nice house to rent, in fact there are two which look good but now it’s time to go there for real and discover which one will be better for us.