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Money issues: well, in the end I got about 4,100 dollars from my ex-bosses and that’s good, it’ll be used to buy a car at Brasília, or at least to make first payments of it. I’ve been insanely glad for not having to go to that museum and with a little amount of that money I’ve already bought presents for Mother’s Day, which is also good – I won’t have to buy anything else unless somebody decides to sell house elves, they’d be very useful during moving, lol
That allergy thing? Well, the drugs I took to control it were a bit strong, they did control it but they also made me sleep a lot, night and day! It was bizarre not being able to keep my eyes open after 11 p.m. but thank God they’re over – I was in perfect shape for health exams to next job, and that’s what counts.
The new job: it seems I won’t be called to work before May 10th, which is nice because of the moving issue, I’ll have more time to organize things with my mother at our new house, but I’d prefer to be already working there. I mean, I’ve been anxious, just like everybody who’s been waiting to be working for them. See, I’ve already handed them all documents and papers and exams they needed but there were people giving up their jobs (I can’t get it, after all hard work these guys decided to not accept the jobs?! That’s craziness, dudes!) so they had to call substitutes – people who passed tests but weren’t previously classified. This situation made the entire process go slower, that’s why I’ll keep my lazy ass distant from an office for at least another week. See, it’s not so bad but since I’m already in I want to start my new life as soon as possible. Yeah, I’m a whining bitch, *g*