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Fucking Carnival (yeah, fabiopl, you're not alone)

I never liked Carnival. I mean, generally people in Brazil love these days, but it never happened to me. It's OK because I don't have to work and it's a good occasion to travel to my family's house at mountains, but that's all. I don't have a favourite school of samba, I don't even know how to dance samba. I remember when I was a child my parents drove me to a children ball, and I hated using those weird clothes (although I can't remember what I was dressing). There are also photos of me and my cousins using those Hawaiian skirts somewhere, they were taken another Carnival at my grandma's house. As I recall we weren't too excited about that, too.
Anyway, some years ago I spent a great Carnival with some friends, we traveled alone to my house and had a real nice time. There were shows on streets, a parade of schools of samba, many many people everywhere, hot days and nights... but now I can't imagine myself doing the same things again. Of course I know these days are perfect for tourism, hotels are full of people, shops are selling lots of products (food, souvenirs, etc.), but it's not my cup of tea. I don't like the idea of going somewhere to hear extremely loud music, sweat a lot, drink hot beer (and I don't even drink beer!) and maybe be touched by a disgusting drunk guy. Yeah, because drunk people think they're allowed to do everything they want. Maybe that's why nine months after Carnival so many babies are born - oh yeah, we're talking about beer and unsafe sex, a dangerous combination in my opinion.
So I stay at home, watching schools of samba parade on TV, reading, updating this LJ... Some friends go there to see the schools almost every year, maybe one day I'll join them. But not in a near future.


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Feb. 23rd, 2004 02:20 pm (UTC)
So, you don't like Carnival,Adriana?*g*To me it's all about being able to hang out with my friends and change the routine.I don't like the noise and the heat but this is something that I can tolerate for a few hours if the company is good.But I understand your dislike for all those things that come with the party.Maybe you should try Carnival in Salvador.Just kidding.;)
Feb. 23rd, 2004 08:17 pm (UTC)
Meeting friends is nice, Ana, but thank God my best friends don't like Carnival too much!! They just go to schools of samba parades sometimes, I think they also prefer watching it through TV. Anyway maybe someday I'll try going to Salvador... but not next year! ;o)
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