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Reading suggestions

1) A lifetime ago tracy_rowan pointed me to this post in which fandoms are related to drugs. It’s hilarious! She has also posted about The Moon Meadow Anthology a series of poems about HP fandom. I liked all of them but The Sorting Hat, Every Dream,Chosen and Epilogue are amazing!

2) Supernatural recs for people who don’t like the show: Decomposure, a great story without sex in which Sam dies (OMFG!!!!) and Dean brings him back... great serious plot, good characterizations, even original characters are very well written. On the other side The Winchester Brothers in the Land of Fic is the perfect mpreg, crackfic: Dean is pregnant, Sam asks the fanfic author for not being baby’s father. Yes, you’re reading it right: "Ok look, it’s obvious what’s happening here," Sam says as he lifts his hands. "Somebody, somewhere is writing an mpreg. And they’ve made you the pregnant one, Dean." If you want to read something funny, go there.