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Bizarre things happen when you’re a 16 y. o. squeeing fangirl trapped in a 34 y. o. woman body. See, I needed a notebook to take notes during our (almost) daily meetings at boss’ room, I’ve been using sheets and they’re not very useful when I need to find something specific. So a very simple notebook was necessary and keeping it in mind I went to the closest shop to buy one. But I found those very very cute notebooks with Powerpuff Girls and Hello Kitty on cover and it started to look like a hard mission – how could my inner girl resist them? And suddenly I found these amazing Knights of Zodiac notebooks – OMFG I always loved those guys, specially Ikki!! I never thought it as a slash show until I discover the m/m appeal, few years ago, but now I see the vibes and it amazes me how I never noticed that – I must be blind because Ikki and his younger brother Shun are totally in love – c’mon, Ikki even had a thing for a girl who looked *a lot* like his brother!!! (hey visionofblue, I think you’d like them since you’ve a thing for incestuous brothers, lol). Whatever, I did what I had to do: looked for a notebook with Ikki on its cover. Unfortunately there wasn’t any one, so I bought one with all the guys, and also a pink pen (don’t worry, its ink is blue, lol) to match it. I think my colleagues will smile and think I’m a childish woman, but my inner fanfic girl will be squeeing inside about slashy vibes on the block, *g*

(btw if there’s somebody out there who can point me to Ikki/Shun fanfic please let me know where they are!!)
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