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Dec. 17th, 2006

Finally I’m back with some time to report! First of all pride_of_erin sent me a lovely LJ pile of gifts, thanks a lot for that, girl, I really enjoyed being remembered even after so much time!
Are you already feeling the X-Mas vibe in the air? My house is already decorated for Christmas (in fact it has been like that since November, my mother is that crazy about the date, *g*) and I’m with my Meloni blue beautiful car again, after almost 50 days. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I arrived home one evening and it was parked there, my father had brought it back from garage and it was a vision – I really missed it, my blue baby, now I’m complete again, I can’t live without its wheels!
But of course a guy had already hit me again, it was last Thursday when traffic light was red. Too much rain again, he had some trouble stopping his car, I was already stopped, but thank God he was in a very low speed so nothing really happened, just that loud sound and a "thud" feeling when he hit my car’s back. Yeah, I couldn’t believe when I felt that "thud", but it’s over and I’m praying hard for not having a third experience!!!