Adriana (adrianabr) wrote,

Hey kids, are you ready for 2007? :o)

* * * * *

maddiec24 and aswanargent, you rock! Your gifts had arrived, I loved everything, girls - Karen, those small notebooks have the perfect size, they fit everywhere, and the soap smells so good! Maddie, I kind of collect bookmarks, it wasn't a thing I'd planned but people always give me them, and the one you've sent me is a beautiful one (just like HP stickers, they made me giggle, *g*). You and J. look great at card, and I've just baked your cookies, they're delicious - but I'd changed your recipe "a little"... probably this was the first time somebody baked gingerbread cookies without ginger (didn't have it at home).
And without brown sugar... (didn't have it too)
And without nutmeg... (read above)
And without molasses... (same thing)
And without cinnamon (Grandma can't eat it)
And of course I didn't have the proper cutter, lol
But I improvised: raisins, apricots, white sugar and honey can do wonders, although my mother screamed something about not using all honey we had at home. Whatever, now cookies are ready and I think that's what counts. Next time I'll buy the right ingredients and a cutter before baking, though... :o)

* * * * *

2006 was a good year. Let’s see: new job, new house, new city. My family around me – well, at least the ones who are really important. New interesting and funny people. Old friends still with me. Not too much time at internet indulging myself, though – but nothing’s perfect, right? Yeah, it was a nice year. I hope 2007 will be as good as 2006, or even better. Resolutions? Well, I must take better care of my skin, I’ll try to use sunscreen more frequently (which reminds me of halcyon_shift Wear Sunscreen vid, a really good one – if you hadn’t seen it you should, dudes!). And it’ll help if I stop eating too much chocolate, my stomach would be happy about that too. More resolutions? I don’t think so, that’s enough. Maybe going out more, watching more movies... let's see what happens...
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