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After stucking 8 bags with pieces of my college days I looked to my wardrobe. Yeah, time to discard clothes too. My mother had decided to keep all blouses I didn’t even want to look to anymore. No problem, now I’ve have more room inside my wardrobe, and it’s a good thing specially because my grandma is always here with us. She has her own apartment, but as any 87 y. o. people she’s not getting younger. Although she tries to remain independent, living by herself and all, there will be a day when she’ll have to live definetely with us, and not just spending some weeks here. So it’s better to start to make room to her. It won’t be easy to her, she’s a really stubborn lady, has a strong personatily. She’s my mother’s mother, and although they’re don’t look alike they share the same characteristics: they say what they think, nobody stops them, nobody fools them. They love their family, they’d kill to keep us safe. They’re great women. I’d like to be just as them when I grow up...