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luci_2 spotted it first: did you read my post about Flyboy fic ? She noticed that in the very end of this site (scroll down to the bottom of the page, where fandoms are listed) you can jump to a place where are archived many old interviews with Oz cast, they’re from S3, I guess. All of them are great! My favorite is J. K. Simmons:

HBO: The last time we saw the show, you were breaking Beecher's arms and legs. Was that a good scene to film?
SIMMONS: Oh, it was great [laughs]. The scene in the same episode that was truly a little weird was the crucifixion scene. But we had a lot of fun. Breaking Lee's arms and legs, that was a very good time.

HBO: What do people say to you when they see you on the street?
SIMMONS: Mostly I get the "I love to hate you" kind of stuff. It's interesting that in a show about murderers and rapists and drug dealers, I'm often referred to as the bad guy.

HBO: Some fans submitted some interesting questions and comments about the show on the internet. Someone wrote, "You are a phenomenal actor, but I'm sure you find the character you play challenging. How do you feel about it personally? How does Vern fit into your personal morals and ethics?"
SIMMONS: [laughs] Vern doesn't fit into my personal morals and ethics. I guess a lot of times we sort of assume that things like that are obvious, but a few times I have been approached on the street by people who didn't have a good sense of fantasy and reality. They were people who sympathized with Vern's morals and politics and the whole thing. It was a little awkward.