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Jun. 19th, 2007

This infamous strike: at 2005 almost all employees of Ministry of Culture (where I work) took part in another one, which lasted for 102 days, asking for better salaries (obviously) but also for several improvements concerning to our careers as government employees. I mean, many of us keep studying in order to get further college degrees that surely make us much more capable workers and that should be considered relevant, a sign of commitment to our careers and jobs. Well, government agreed to our demands, a kind of career plan was written and signed, and employees even started being paid a bonus but since 2005 nothing more happened. So this year we’re on strike in order to have that career plan totally working, with better salaries for people who have master degrees and so on. We’re not too many workers at Ministry of Culture, only 4,000 including a bunch of retired guys who would benefit from this career plan thing too. Anyway it’s been hard, government keeps denying us what it had promised to do 2 years ago, it’s disappointing to see it doesn’t care about its own employees and how they keep struggling to become better workers despite the absence of encouragement from our big boss. There are many workers from other places also on strike, it’s said there’s about 100,000 government employees on strike right now and almost all of them are demanding the same thing: the damned career plan! I think it shows there’s something really wrong with our politicians, people just want to work, to become more capable and feel relatively safe, so why deny it to them (us)? There’ll be another meeting this week, but I’m a little pessimistic. Ok, I’m totally pessimistic, I’m not believing in this strike too much anymore, probably we’ll be lucky if they decide to pay us just a really small part of what was decided in 2005. Besides I’m missing my cubicle a lot, go figure. I’m missing people who aren’t taking part of this strike for several reasons, there’s a lot of them, not everybody believed enough to take part, and I guess soon I’ll be back to work, no matter what people will say. Funny thing is that my big boss, the one who controls the department in which I work and who isn’t on strike, supports it and didn’t make any threat to his employees who wanted to take part on it. And I know it’s not an act, he’s been very decent about the entire thing and I’m sure he won’t give us any problems concerned to not-worked days – but of course he’ll expect us to work non stop until the piles of documents over our desks are gone. Oh yes, the pressure... I’m missing it too, lol


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Jun. 19th, 2007 02:52 pm (UTC)
Good to hear from you again.
Keep trying.
O povo unido jamais será vencido.
Jun. 19th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
Eu desisti depois de 33 dias, voltei a trabalhar hoje, Lucinda. Esta greve não tem participação de uma grande parte dos servidores, e aí a gente acaba desestimulado de participar, ainda mais quando sabe que vão descontar os dias parados e provavelmente o governo vai continuar nos enrolando por mais um bom tempo... :o(
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