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Hey kids! My mother is quite better concerning to grandmother’s death. Well, she has even been angry to her and they’re arguing – I mean, Mother says lots of things to us she’d be telling Grandma if she was alive, and she prays to God to let her listen to it wherever she is right now. Of course it’s all about my uncle as always. Grandma left two letters (written at 2000!!!), one for my mother and the other to my uncle, to be read after her death. We don’t know what she’d written on his, but on my mother’s she wrote a lot about family love and the pain and bad feelings surrounding family fights... and in the end asked Mother to take care of her brother. It was clear for me and Father since first time we’ve read it, but it took Mother a few days to realize that. Now she’s babbling about how he always had Grandma’s love, how he was her favourite kid and so on. God, she’s angry! It’ll pass eventually, but at least she’s not sad anymore. I only hope she’ll use her strength for better things than argue with dead people soon, *g*

Anyway I've been watching tons of "House" episodes, reading a little, cleaning my wardrobe in order to decide if I really need all the clothes there (guess what? A few old ones had to go to make room for new ones…), putting my hands on things that had belonged to my Grandma… most of her personal belongings such as clothes and shoes were given to charity, but now I have a nice bag (I remember the day she’d bought it, we were together at a Niterói’s mall and we decided together which of them she was going to buy), some jewelry that I’d bought for her, a heavy coat that probably I’ll never use (no way there’s cold weather around here to wear that!) – but what I really, really loved was her picture frame showing my Grandpa and great-grandparents. It was at her bedroom at Niterói for as long that I remember and I always loved looking at them. I asked her several times to leave that to me on her "will" and she used to laugh. Well, she did it, she left it written on that paper in which she divided many things between my mother and my uncle. In fact I was totally amused to hear my mother telling us how unpleased he looked when she picked it – they started to divide things at Grandma’s old apartment at Niterói when we spent few days there back in December, right before me and my father had arrived, it was just the two of them and his wife there. I think me and Father were doing something else close to the building. Mother told us he kept looking to Grandma’s list like he couldn’t believe she had left this or that to my mother instead of leaving said things for him. That’s unfair since she was quite solomonic on that list, both of them now have the same amount of nice things that had belonged to her. My cousin is probably furious: we’re not close but I know she’s really greedy and was surely thinking Grandma would leave her anything expensive. Well, Grandma left a wooden box to her, a pretty one but of course it’s not something of value, she won’t make money by selling it. I believe she won't keep it, she'd never accept something so simple and meaningful. And speaking frankly I think that Grandma had done that to have the last laugh, but what can I say? She had a sense of humour, lol