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Working girl

The fact is that, despite salary’s rise, I’ve been tired most part of time, just wanting to sleep as soon as I’m at home - and of course my pendrive is always full of projects to continue at home. I try hard not to stay at office after 6 p.m. (or before 9 a.m.) and not to bring projects to work at home, it never happens and I wonder if it’s an healthy life. I’ve been feeling head and back aches frequently, I’m always worried during business trips because many things happen when I’m not at office, which mean more work to do when I’m finally back… my parents finally noticed that and maybe that’s why they decided it’s time to go back to Niterói. Explaining: despite of everything I had my entire month vacation and traveled with parents to Niterói. Bitch boss couldn’ t believe when I told I was going to take the entire month, but I just did it. Well, I was reading my emails everyday and was still working until one day mega boss send me a message to do something – then I stopped reading emails, lol

It was such a wonderful time that my mother was convinced she also misses the city, the family… all of them, and our friends, were quite happy to have us there again, we were invited for lunchs and dinners all the time, it seemed everybody wanted to spend time with us. I can move back legally at May 29th, but if mega boss decides to be a good person he can pull the strings to send me back as soon as possible – although I doubt he’ll do that. Anyway we decided to move back, and guess what? My parents bought a new apartment at Niterói, that’s where we’re going to live. We’d been looking for a house or an apartment at Brasília, but they’re too expensive while at Niterói they’re a little cheaper. So we decided to read ads just to see if there was a nice offer, and there it was: 3-bedroom apartment, in an old building (which means there’s enough space, apartments at new building are ridiculous small!), parking lot, close to the beach, bus stops close to it, and a very reasonable price. They had enough money at their saving accounts, so it was bought. My mother has a friend whose ex-husband is an engineer, and he found some guys to remodelate it a little. Now it has blue walls (our personal fetish, *g*), white floor tiles, white tiles bathrooms and kitchen, and etc… I’ll take pictures from there soon so you'll see how it's looking like.

And do you want to know a funny thing? As soon as people from Rio museums knew I was looking for a place to work they started to phone and email me, offering a position! Mega boss and bitch boss know that and are very unpleased. So far there are four museums wanting me, and I’ve already made my decision, but I still have to wait for his decision. I want to be part of National Historical Museum crew, it’s a very old and respected institution, and I know people there work without too much pressure and stress, which would be a relief. But as I said before I’ve to wait mega boss decision… or wait until May 29th, when I’ll be able to tell him to go fuck himself and go back to Niterói.