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365 mashups

I’ve been thinking in posting about this topic since, well, last year – but totally forgot! Synopsis: back at 2009 João Brasil, a Brazilian DJ and music producer, decided to create a mashup for every single day of following year (2010). And he did it: mixing artists like Miles Davis and Snoopy Doggy Dog, Iron Maiden and Beastie Boys, Justin Bieber and Planet Patrol he created amazing tracks that are still around to be downloaded and listened again and again and again. It’s curious to see that sometimes those mashups even sound better than the original versions.There are lots of them including Brazilian artists and maybe you won’t like/understand them but I’m quite sure you’ll find something interesting there. My favourite? Montell Jordan & Bonde do Tigrão - I really liked Montell Jordan during the ‘90s and the idea of mixing him with Brazilian funk was superb!

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