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I'm back!

After few days with a light depression I feel really fine. Guess what? I've found new real problems, so my immaginary ones are forgotten at least for some time.
First of them: I've a brand new PC, I'm totally in love with it - but now I've a huge debt to be paid during next 14 months. Well, for many people it's probably not so huge, but it is for *me*. But you know what? It's worth its price, it has Windows XP, I can record my own CDs, there's plenty of space to my Oz files (and tons of Chris Meloni photos)... And I also have a high speed connection! Finally, finally I could watch C5 videos - it was never possible using my old computer, it just allowed me to partially watch or listen to them, and I couldn't do those two things at same time! It's not necessary to say I've been spending all my free time watching those videos, specially S2 ones, when "Operation Toby" was happening - I didn't watch that season entirely, it's a blessing watching the videos now!
So my brand new PC was too expensive. Yeah, it was, and I'll have to work hard to pay for it. And to do that I'll have to focus in reality, instead of being a drama queen 24/7. I can do that, my new toy deserves this effort!


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Mar. 23rd, 2004 02:57 pm (UTC)
atta girl! Good luck with the new computer and the high speed connection. Beware if you're using Velox, though: it has a tendency to screw with your connection for a few hours. Prepare to do a lot of shouting and cursing on the tech support line.
Mar. 24th, 2004 04:18 am (UTC)
Yes, Fábio, I'm using Velox, but until now it's so perfect, it's a dream, I can't understand how I survived all this time using a dial modem!!!
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