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How to sue a webloger in one lesson

I don't know if you noticed but I've changed this journal title. It was Home alone, now it's Adriana's journal. Of course the first one wasn't about Macaulay Culkin movie, it was just a title as good as many others. But I thought it was kinda depressing too, so it was changed.
Well, someone could say it was perfect timing. Recently Alê Felix, a Brazilian smart and funny woman who used to write a really good weblog named Amarula com Sucrilhos, was almost sued because of her weblog title. Amarula is a trademark, it belongs to someone who produces a type of wine using marula fruits at South Africa. His/her attorneys notified Alê that she should stop using that trademark because it could create problems to their client business. Note: her weblog had almost two years, and according to her there are another ones using "amarula" on their titles.
Well, surely she obeyed, but it's so ridiculous! C'mon, it was just a weblog, she was just writing about her life, her dreams, ideas, problems... Besides her loyal readers, who else was giving importance to her weblog? How could that creat problems to someone at South Africa???
Anyway she started a new one. But to avoid any future problem with Kellogg's ("sucrilhos" is one of its trademarks in Brazil) she created a new url: www.licordemarulacomflocosdemilhoacucarados.net, something like www.marulaliquorandsugarcoveredcornflakes.net - there's a easiest way to arrive at same place: www.alefelix.com.br.
It's a weird thought, but at least now I'm sure Chris Columbus and John Hughes won't give me a similar headache.


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Mar. 23rd, 2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
Heh, I change my Journal's title like once every week -- or whenever I stumble upon a cool new sentence.
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