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And this too...

And I'm absolutely happy because I don't have to deal with my ex-boyfriend anymore. It's been 7 years since I decided he wasn't the best guy to me, and it was one of my hardest decisions. I wasn't deeply in love but he was funny and intelligent - although he was really good in fucking my mind too on a daily basis. It was a kind of psychological torture until I decided I'd already had enough. Of course I'd missed him badly and felt like shit during several weeks, but one day I woke up and it was over.
Anyway his sister was one of my best friends before our relation, and she's one of my best friends until today. She uses to talk about him sometimes, and his last news are frankly disturbing. He's still the same arrogant guy who wants to spread his inner pain through the world - and it's so sad I just understand it now. Even their mother is sick of his behaviour.
After him I didn't have another serious relationship, maybe it was a reaction. Awwww... as Almighty Keller once said, fuck ya, ya fuck! I'm glad I don't have even to face him anymore, I can do better... ;o)