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Coming back

Last week was a good one. There was too much work to be done, my boss was the same boring person as always, it rained a lot during early evening hours exactly when I was coming home (and I was with no umbrella!), but there were many brand new fics to be read. For that reason I didn't have enough time to update this LJ – well, there wasn't too much sleep but it was worth, really!
Now I've tons of feedbacks to write, messages to answer, the damn CD burning program manual to read (and understand)... and of course instead of doing that I've been spending funny moments visiting many LJs because it seems everybody made icons for free recently. There are even really nice bases. Thanks to b2kslilangel, plaball, artemis1701, brazenovertures, aotearoagal, solamentenic, alinewrites and catheights I've more icons than I'll probably use for the next six months. People, you rock!!

(by the way this icon was made by alinewrites based upon her "Acciaccatura" story - so cute!)