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Nov. 19th, 2003

And just because tomorrow will be holiday me and some friends weren't in best mood to work today. So everybody did something else. I spent hours in front of my PC reading fics; my friend was surfing most part of afternoon, even looking for a new job. Other friends came to hide in my room, which is distant from boss's room, just to talk. When rain started (and rained a lot this afternoon) everybody decided it was time to go home. I should love that place, but in fact I don't. Anyway I love most part of people who work there! (the boss is not included)


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Nov. 20th, 2003 12:27 pm (UTC)
What fics are you reading? I'm reading "Been There, Done That" for the tenth time.:)
Nov. 21st, 2003 09:57 pm (UTC)
Although I'm always re-reading my fav fics I've been trying new ones... *g* Recently I read "The other side" and "First time for everything" series (just because I love lockdown fics!!) besides re-reading "For your pleasure" last chapter over and over again (just because it was shocking and sad at same time, I just couldn't believe how it touched me).
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