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It's over, finally!

So I finally finished releasing my books registered at BookCrossing. I went to my college and left books there, hoping somebody would find them. Don't know if I'm getting old but fact is my legs and feet are aching A LOT. Explaining: my college, as many others, has several buildings to all its courses. I decided to leave books (mostly about History and Sociology) at Human Sciences and Filosofy Institute buildings, which happen to be the most distant ones. So I had to walk and walk and walk until them. I used to do it almost everyday from 1992 to 1995, when I was... 20. On awfully hot days. On extremely rainy days. At nights sometimes, after classes. And also to parties which happened there at college's restaurant.
But on this Tuesday, 12 years later, I discovered that a) I'm not 20 y. o. anymore, b) maybe it's time to go back to my gym classes and c) if I don't want to go back to gym classes I should go back to college to a short course, it'll help me lose some weight!