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New icons for every taste

I should learn how to use PhotoShop - I'm PaintBrush queen, and it's really sad. But there weren't computers when I was at school, maybe that's the reason why they're so mysterious to me sometimes.
Anyway I need to learn to make nice icons by myself. Until there I'll keep using all those made by so many talented people - I can't even name all of them, and I'm not talking only about Oz icons. It seems many fans adore to spread their love to different shows throught the world, and so there are many 100 x 100 jewels popping everywhere. There are nice icons at meloniarmy; catheights is feeding us regularly with new bases; lierdumoa really knows how to make sexy icons; aotearoagal makes me laugh with her ideas... awwwww, I want to be as talented as them when I'm a grown-up!!