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B/K songs

While reading verbalthing I decided it was time to share my B/K songs list. You know, I never talked about it before here, at least I don't remember doing that. The first CDs were burnt to me by Mrs. Winthrop but yesterday I burnt myself an audio CD. Probably it was the first of many of them... ;o)

That's the usual cover for my B/K CDs

Probably some of you think that's a boring subject, so I'll post it behind a cut tag. Anyway it's just the first part of that list, wait for more soon!!

Yeah, I'm obsessed enough to explain why I chose these songs!!

Sarah McLachlan - Angel (so Beecher, feeling empty, guilty, waiting for second chances to fix everything!)

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (oh yes, he’s never happy, always looking for trouble with Schillinger instead of being happy with Chris!)

Pet Shop Boys - Heart (I didn’t watch S2 but in my mind I see Toby slowly falling in love with Chris, just like Pet Shop Boys sing: "Every time I see you something happens to me...")

Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (I used to love this song when I was a teenager, and suddenly I discovered it’s just like Toby!!! Read these verses: "Baby, baby, when I look at you / I get a warm feeling inside / There's something 'bout the things you do / That keeps me satisfied (...)

Baby, baby, when I lay with you / There's no place I'd rather be / I can't believe, can't believe it's true / The things that you do to me")

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (yeah... it sounds sexy... Toby waiting for their first night locked inside the pode of love... LOL)

Depeche Mode - A Question Of Lust (I don’t know exactly why, but this song reminds me of Toby. Maybe because it’s about trust and love, things he seems to have problem to deal with)

Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love (J-Lo again – Toby again dealing with trust and love!)

Annie Lennox - Waiting in Vain (Keller thoughts about Toby, all along S3, waiting for his decision. It’s lovely when she sings, "But your love is my relief")

Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor (the first verses say all: "It could all be so simple / But you'd rather make it hard" – sometimes I wonder if Tom Fontana really wanted B/K love so hard this way since the beginning of the show!)

George Michael - Cowboys and angels (this song remembers me the highs and downs of Toby’s behaviour through the seasons, the way he reacted to Keller since S2, sometimes wanting to believe, sometimes fighting that love feeling. I think that those last verses were specially written to him: "Take this man to your bed / Maybe his hands will help you forget / Please be stronger than your past / The future may still give you a chance")

Barbra Streisand - If I Loved You (a classical song; Toby, as always, fighting against his love for Chris, trying very hard to believe the L word. Really sad)

Jeff Buckley - Despite the Tears (it’s not one of my favourites, but I can see Toby reacting that way after Chris’ death: crying alone, remembering the past, feeling guilty for many, many things)

George Michael - Jesus to a child (do you know this song was written for a Brazilian boyfriend GM had years ago? He really loved the guy, who died of AIDS. His name was Anselmo. And I can also see Toby remembering Chris smile, Chris eyes, all the good feelings they shared. But the verses: "With your last breath / You saved my soul" are too hard to listen if you remind "Exeumnt Omnes")

Meredith Brooks - Bitch (me and sibs from my Brazilian Oz group discussed about this song. One of them thinks it’s too Toby, it’s about a crazy person, with fast change of moods. I agree, but I prefer thinking this as a Chris’ song, talking about his many faces – the seducer, the killer, the lover, the guardian angel – and how Toby wouldn't want him any other way)

Prince – Kiss (another classical song. Nothing else is required, just extra time and kiss. Hum, think about pod o’ love during lockdown... awwwwwwwwwww....)

Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (ohmygod, all that eyefucking... it wasn’t only about sex but about love too. They were just too good to be true, weren’t they??)

Madonna - Cherish (yeah, Chris, give me joy, my boy! I can see getting more and more in love with Toby, doing everything to be with him – even seducing a nun. Because it was more than just romance, it was love. Jesus, I’m being so silly!!)

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (when Keller stabbed Schillinger at gym he made the ultimate move to Toby’s heart. He gave up his own safety just to save Toby, and it ended with that amazing NYE kiss. I also think he never showed his feelings to everyone else the way he did to Toby, and it’s quite clear in this song)

Fiona Apple - Criminal (that night after breaking Toby’s bones, do you remember? Chris all alone in the pod, just he and his thoughts... yeah, this could have been the perfect soundtrack: "What I need is a good defense / 'Cause I'm feeling like a criminal / And I need to be redeemed / To the one I've sinned against / Because he's all I ever knew of love")

George Michael - Too Funky ("I gotta get inside of you / And I'll show you heaven if you let me" – yeah, that’s sexual harassment!!! LOL)

George Michael - Father Figure (the way Keller protected Beecher many times made me remember this song. OK, it’s not a parental thing, but it’s one aspect of his love, to keep Toby safe, even when he wasn’t understood – Mondo Browne and Shemin could testify that)

Simply Red - The Right Thing (Sex on a bunk. That’s all I can think to describe this song. Call me pervert if you want... LOL)

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (MJ was never one of my favourite singers, but this song is so sexy I couldn’t help myself and had to have it burned on a CD. "Touch me and I feel on fire"... hum, it’s a pretty good sensation, isn’t it?)

Simply Red - It's Only Love (can you see Chris trying to convince Toby about his intentions? I can, probably with this song playing near them)

Lenny Kravitz - I Belong to You (the obsessed Keller happily sings this song. And then he says, "The only thing that matters is you and me". That’s it! If Beecher only thought like him...)

George Michael - The Strangest Thing (this could be Keller extended last words. You know, sometimes I really believe GM has a gift, he always writes the perfect lyrics for so many moments in my life, and in my B/K soundtrack he had included some beautiful songs!)

Oasis - Don’t go away (this song made me think about all problems they had in communicating. Sister Pete could had helped them as a couple, even if they weren’t meant to be a couple. But certainly it wasn’t Tom Fontana’s idea)

Sarah McLachlan - Possession (this and "Only when I lose myself" / Depeche Mode, are my all-time favourite B/K songs. And this one is so Keller, I just love it when she sings, "And I would be the one / to hold you down / kiss you so hard / I'll take your breath away / and after I'd wipe away the tears / Just close your eyes dear")

Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (awwwww... the glorious days of Slut Beecher! And Keller just watching it... it had to hurt, and there are so nice fics about those days!)

Cake - Never There (another "Failure to communicate" song. Those guys really needed to talk more, not only fight and fuck – not that I’m complaining, but if they had talked more maybe they didn’t have so many problems! I love the verse, "A golden bird that flies away", so Toby!!)

George Michael - Kissing a fool (my GM all-time favourite song. And totally Keller: if Toby had just believed him instead of listening to Sister Pete, Said, Agent Taylor and others, maybe Chris hadn’t died in the end)

No Doubt - Don't speak (this song is so sad but fits perfectly their relationship. So much love, so much angst, so much pain. They both ended up hurt, that’s what I think)

The Police - Every breath you take (the obsessive Keller strikes back! I think it fits to him during S3 and also during Slut Beecher days. Anyway it’s another classical popsong I love)

Now go burn new CDs to yourselves, prags!!! :o))


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Apr. 20th, 2004 05:52 pm (UTC)
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (oh yes, he’s never happy, always looking for trouble with Schillinger instead of being happy with Chris!)

Mmmmm. In my humble opinion, he's *never* happy with Chris. Chris' love just helps making things more bearable. But happy? In Oz? I know it's something a lot of people keep saying, stuff like "he comes back because he realizes he'd better in with Chris than out without him". to tell you the truth, to me it's just bullshit; even love can't overcome the horror that's life in Oz.

But I love the song, of course!!

Apr. 21st, 2004 06:14 am (UTC)
I think he had some happy moments with Chris, Aline. Of course being locked in Oz couldn't bring him happiness, but loving Keller helped him through hard times. But I also don't agree to that idea of going back to prison because of their love - he did some wrong choices during the entire show, but going back to that place, having to meet Vern and his Aryans fellas again... no, even me wouldn't do that just for being near to Chris once more!!! :o)
Anyway I think Toby would never be completely happy, inside Oz or outside. Killing that little girl just changed his life dramatically, but I don't believe he had a nice life with his wife and kids before that. I always thought Gen had decided too quickly to divorce him. Yeah, I know, it must be really hard to have a husband in jail, but if there's enough love you find strength to deal with that, right? Maybe there wasn't so much love at all, because of Toby's drinking problems too. But that's just my opinion... ;o)
Apr. 20th, 2004 07:38 pm (UTC)
The cover is just beautiful with all those great B/K moments. And I think that "Only Happy When It Rains " should be Toby's anthem. It's perfect.*g*
Apr. 21st, 2004 06:22 am (UTC)
My mother always rolls her eyes when she sees one of my CDs, Ana. She just looks to their covers and sighs. Poor mom!!! LOL
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