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About Lula and the American journalist

In fact I don’t understand why Lula, Brazilian president, overreacted to the now (in)famous article written by Larry Rohter to New York Times. And many people here think like me, his reaction just made the topic much more appealing to international press. Boris Yeltsin was well known by drinking a lot, and I don’t recall any foreign journalist being expelled from Russia (or was it Soviet Union by that time? I don’t remember either!) for writing about it. And I’m not even talking about censoring freedom of the press, which is also involved in this case.
I didn’t know until now Brazilian president drinks, and it doesn’t bother me, as long as he can be a good president. Now it’s obvious many comedians and cartoonists (from here and other countries) have a perfect subject for the next days, at least until another juicy gossip comes around. There are so much more important things to be solved in this country and Lula’s pissed with a journal article, bah!!