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About obesity

There was a very interesting article about obesity myths tracy_rowan and msdaccxx commented on their LJs. Being an obese woman this subject always attracts my interest, specially when someone says I can be comfortable with my body, if I’m healthy enough. Hum, I know I’m not so healthy as I could be – it’d be great if I could make my lazy ass move frequently, if I used to walk around my neighborhood, etc. etc. and etc.
But this Wednesday I’ve another proof I’m not a terminate case: my parents went to a meeting for morbid obese people at an public hospital, they’ve a kind of program to help them to lose weight. My mother had her stomach reduced by surgery last year, and she’s pretty well, until now she lost about 30 kg (66,1 lbs). But she’s not satisfied, so they went to that meeting, maybe she could know new info to keep losing weight.
Well, my father was telling me what they faced there: extremely obese people, obviously needing all help possible. Dad, who isn’t fat but has a prominent belly (as many men of his age – he’s 60), said he and Mom were the lightest people there. He also said I’m not fat at all comparing to those guys. I should feel happy for that, but I feel really sad for them. When obesity becomes a health problem is hard to find help, specially when you don’t have enough money to pay for a good treatment. Those people on that hospital are poor guys, and probably they’ll wait a long time until doctors can help them. Mom had enough luck and money, we could pay for her surgery, and it really worked, she’s much healthier now, she’s even working out. Her self-esteem is higher now, she feels better, she eats better... Hey Lula, that was a good thing to worry about, how to help Brazilian morbid obese people at public hospitals!! At least you’ll be remembered by a really good thing, right?