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And this Sunday...

... three of my aunts came to lunch with us. They're my late grandfather sisters, and they're crazy! The same old stories are told again and again, each time with more characters on them, and I'm not even talking about their co-workers - they're retired for years but it seems they're still working and everybody knows people who work with them, they're always talking about those guys who probably are dead by now. But they're funny and their comments on everything are, how can I say?, insane:
(Aunt 01) - Look to this woman, she's so thin! (this woman = any actress on TV)
(Aunt 02) - She must be sick, nobody can be healthy being thin like her.
(Aunt 03) - She was so beautiful when she started on TV, do you remember her? She was on that soap opera, what was its name? That one in which everybody was on an island...
(Aunt 01) - Was she on that soap opera? I don't remember her.
(Aunt 02) - Yes, she was, but it was many years ago, she wasn't married yet...
(Aunt 01) - Is she still married to that TV director?
(Aunt 03) - He's so ugly and fat.. hey, wasn't he married to her aunt years ago?
(Aunt 02) - That's it, I remember! Did she married her aunt ex-husband? Hummmmm....
(My mother, taking part on it) - He's gay, do you know that?
(All aunts) - Really? It's not possible!
(My mother) - Yeah, it's true, I've a friend who was looking for job on TV years ago, her husband flirted with him!
(All aunts) - Awwwwwwww....
(Aunt 01) - But does she know his husband is gay?
(Aunt 02) - I had a co-worker who was gay, he was so effeminate...
(Aunt 03) - Was X.?
(Aunt 02) - How did you know?
(Aunt 01) - Ah, but everybody knew about him!
(Aunt 03) - Do you remember when he traveled to Y.?
(Aunt 02) - Of course, he brought me a nice souvenir, I still have it!
(Aunt 03) - He brought you a souvenir? He didn't bring me anything!
(Aunt 01) - But that woman is soooooo thin, she must be sick...
And it goes on and on the entire afternoon. It was exhausting but funny!