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Gacked from verbalthing

Write one statement to each of 10 people on your LJ friends list. Never tell which one is for who. (I'm gonna let you guess)

1. One of the most interesting people I’ve already met – ok, we didn’t really meet, but her LJ shows her wise opinions about her country and world. She has clear and logical ideas concerning to many subjects, and even when I don’t agree with them it’s a true pleasure reading her posts. She’s also a talented writer, a great photographer and has a site with tons of lovely bear photos!

2. I just found her LJ recently but so far I know she’s a funny girl and right now she’s obsessed with the idea of capping all Oz episodes. Jesus, girl, take care of your eyes, back and wrists, LOL – ah, she made me really nice icons!

3. A talented writer and very nice person. She makes me laugh while reading her dreams about the subject of her passion. She’s lucky enough to have met him several times! By the way her recs are great, she always points me to other great writers, and her icon moods are priceless, LOL

4. Great guy! We first met last year at a webloggers meeting, and he looked a little shy – but few moments later he was relaxed and talking to everybody. He’s a teacher and also has a band - someday there’ll be tons of groupies killing for him, LOL

5. A really nice girl, we share nationality and love for hot men having sex! She never came to my city but I’d already traveled to hers a few times, it was Brazil first capital. She has at least one thing in common with Pedro Almodóvar and there’s a nice photo of Bobby Cannavale in my bedroom she’d sent to me!

6. She gave me the codes to start this LJ! Intelligent, smart and funny, her fics have hot and dirty sex scenes – babe, I *love* them! She has a thing for comics and Canadian actors and recently had a fantastic idea: thanks to her great writers wrote fics which were posted without their names, and everybody had to guess who wrote what! (Jesus, does this expression exist in English?)

7. I’ll prag myself forever to her if she promises me to keep writing B/K fics – no, I’ll prag myself if she promises to keep writing, period. I just love her writing style, the way she talks about her family, her photos, her icons... By the way thanks to one of her stories I’m looking for classic music, I swear I’ll burn myself some decent CDs and listen to then while reading that story again and again!

8. Awwwww, she’s my baby girl, we’ve been chatting for hours since she first visited my Portuguese blog last year, looking for info about Oz book. We live at the same neighborhood, but I’m sure as soon she has enough money she’ll travel to New York just to try finding Andy Powers (hey, if you find CM there bring me an autograph, ok?)

9. This girl sleeps less hours than me, and it’s insane, LOL – she’s an amazing icon maker, she even made a tat icons gallery (you know what I mean... *g*) with my name on it! But she’s also a great writer, and I’m sure she’ll write a fantastic story for OZLW based upon Love bites, that immortal Def Leppard hit!!! ;o)

10. Another great writer and nice person. There are many WIP out there with her name on them, and I hope she’ll finish most part of them! She’s deeply attracted to old movies and their amazing casts, there’s even a fic of hers based upon one of them. During my surgery recovering days I spent many hours reading her commentaries about that fic, in which Beecher and Keller fell in love during the 1930s.


Jun. 11th, 2004 04:12 am (UTC)
Easy, girl! I'm with you on Oz obsession, but calm down, we need your arms and hands to keep making gorgeous wallpapers like the last ones you make - the "Golden Boy" is amazing!!