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The other weekend

With all that mess at work I was really tired and tended to avoid my computer at home too. So I didn’t say I had a really good Corpus Christi holiday, last June 10th. Weather is getting colder down here, winter had just begun – right now is 21 ºC (68 ºF) but I think it must be colder, because my fingers are like ice. And on last weekend we traveled to a little house we’ve at another city on mountains, it was so cold and good there! I like feeling cold, sweating all day and night isn’t my favorite way of spending time, and it happens a lot during hot weather.
Anyway during last weekend we also had Brazilian Valentine’s Day (June 12nd) and St. Anthony’s Day (June 13rd). I don’t know if you heard it before, but St. Anthony is known here for helping people to meet the love of their lives (or just a nice boyfriend/girlfriend). During my teen years I promised almost *everything* to the poor saint if he helped me finding a gorgeous and smart boyfriend. Well, let’s face it, I did it on my early twenties too. Right now I don’t give a damn, but I missed going to the church, there’s a huge party to celebrate that day. St. Anthony probably is one of the most popular saints in Brazil, people ask for his help a lot, and everybody believes in his power. So on his day they go to church to say thanks to him, and there are masses, things to be bought, children running and screaming, the famous St. Anthony bread... it’s said one must have it at home, kept in a recipient filled with flour, so lack of food will never be a problem to people who live in the house. It was a shock to me discovering I should buy it, I thought it was given to people! This year I didn’t go to church, but I missed it, and next year I’ll be there for sure.