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Pink week

Coincidence? Maybe. Last week there were many slash scenes on my TV, and it was a nice way to forget a little about unpacking things at job. There was Death Row kiss on Impotence, that episode changed my life forever, after that my Oz obsession started. God, Chris and Toby looking to themselves, Chris barely believing Toby was there, Toby’s smile, Chris’ hands... I can watch it again and again and again.
Queer as Folk moments: Justin with a new haircut, now that he’s with Pink Posse guys. Brian telling him his haircut is hot... I had to agree with him! Vic and Rodney moving, that was cute!
And Clark questioning Lex about Lana’s trip at Forsaken: was it really about that girl or just a good excuse to meet Lex? (by the way I’ve to say I’m loving Luthor coats, they’re so gorgeous!).
Tim Robbins looking so much like Lee Tergesen at The Shawshank redemption: am I losing it or their characteres are really similar? And their noses and smiles, are they similar too or I’m definitely crazy?
And there were two movies I never watched before, The trip and My beautiful laundrette. The first one is about two young men meeting at 1973, one of them was gay and the other was straight. Anyway they fell in love and everything was perfect until an anti-gay book written by the straight guy gets published. Too bad for them, it was a nice movie, to know more about it click right here.
Yeah, I know, it’s a shame to confess it, but I hadn’t watched My beautiful laundrette before. I remember there was a kind of commotion when it arrived here, maybe at 1986, people were talking about those guys kissing, and I was too young by that time (14 y. o.), my parents would never allow me to watch it. Jesus, Daniel Day-Lewis was so damn young then!! The love story was so sexy and hot, and in the end of movie they were together and happy, I loved that, probably this will be one of my favorite slash movies from now on. And I think I need to watch TV more frequently.


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Jun. 21st, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC)
I love My Beautiful Laundrette!!! It was my favorite queer movie for the longest time. It's still among my favorites. Have you seen Beautiful Thing? It's sometimes hard to understand because their accents are very thick, but if you can get past that, it's an excellent movie...it reminds me a lot of My Beautiful Laundrette - very nice.

Also Edge of Seventeen (which is so very 80's it hurts!) but good. Kind of harsh at one point, but very worth watching. And Get Real is also good (with some sad thrown in - you know how it goes!) These are all that "young boys fall in love" kind of movie.

I hope you can find some of these...they are all worth watching.
Jun. 22nd, 2004 05:22 am (UTC)
Re: awww....
I never heard about any of them, Dusty, but I've cable TV, so I think I'll watch them in the future!
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