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Me and Gradma

Grandma decided to go shopping last Saturday, so we went to a mall. She was looking for a new bag, and dared to look for it on the most expensive shops – places I never go! I can accept some people really need to have a Louis Vuitton bag, but I can’t understand how they can pay so much for it! We saw bags costing about 200 dollars – it’s a huge part of my salary, and thank God Grandma was lucid enough to not look at them twice. She bought a nice leather model for 66 dollars, and as I’m a good granddaughter she decided to buy a bag to me. I chose one costing 8 dollars, it wasn’t true leather but who cares? It was nice, black and big, perfect for going work everyday. She hated it, saying it was too cheap, I should find a better one. It was hard to convince her I’d be absolutely happy with that bag, but finally she gave up and accepted my choice.